about me

I am a self taught landscape and travel photographer from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I’ve always been interested in art and photography, but I started to get into photography myself after I graduated from high school. I purchased my first DSLR and started to experiment with different settings and I spent days on Flickr.com looking for inspiration. I soon found my passion for landscape and travel photography. My dream was to show others my view of the world and I wanted to capture photographs that would inspire others. I soon found that I was passionate about photography more than anything else. My work has been published in various international photography magazines, on the website of National Geographic and I have won multiple photography contests for Dutch photography magazines. To me there’s no greater feeling in the world than standing knee-high in the water, capturing moments that are otherwise forever lost. When I’m taking photos I forget about everything else and I'm happier than I could ever be. I am thankful that I get the opportunity to do what I really love and to travel the world and meet amazing people.

Hugo boss

"This is Boss"

Four of my photographs from Amsterdam were showcased in two major shopping streets in Amsterdam. The photographs were used in the campaign 'This is Boss' to draw attention for the new flagship store in Amsterdam.

P.C. Hooftstraat & Heiligeweg

Surreal. Her use of color is really beautiful. I think many painters would be happy if they had such a range of colours at their disposal. You know it’s not the case, but yet you think it has been photoshopped. This is the digital age. You can illuminate subjects for so long at night that it looks like it is almost day again. Subjects are portrayed lighter than they are: beautiful. It is totally different from what I do, but I enjoy it. It is almost David LaChapelle.
Jinna has her own style. She has mastered the slow shutter speed technique perfectly. Her photos have a positive, non-Dutch smoothness. It reminds me of Indonesian paintings. Paradise-like. Photos from the Dutch coast look like they were taken in the Maldives. Some people make think it’s kitsch, but it is clear that modern technology is at work here.​
Georges van Wensveen
Videographer & Photographer