landscape & travel photography

Jinna van Ringen is a self taught landscape and travel photographer from Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
Her work has been published in various international photography magazines and on the website of National Geographic.
She is a GettyImages Prestige artist, has won multiple photography awards and has supplied numerous international commercial clients with her work.
Jinna van Ringen has been working as a professional photographer since 2011 and is well-known for her colourful and almost surreal landscapes and cityscapes.

Clients & Publications

Hugo Boss – Spotify – KLM – Air France – Hilton Hotels – Marriot International – TUI Germany – Groupon – Microsoft – LinkedIn – LG Electronics – O2 – Conde Nast – Accenture – Allen & Overy – Bloomberg – Buzzfeed – Rosetta Stone – JP Morgan Asset Management – Marks & Spencer – NBC Universal – Razorfish – Time Inc.

Lonely Planet – National Geographic – Outdoor Photographer (US) – Travel + Leisure – Digital Photo (US) – Wired (US) – Digital Photographer (UK) – Vogue (DE) – Playboy (HU) – ZOOM.nl (NL) – Photo Digitaal (NL) – Digifotopro (NL) – SHUTR (NL)



Her photos have a positive, non-Dutch glossiness. It makes me think of Indonesian paintings. Paradise-like. Jinna thinks about her work. The moving parts are captured very smart, the clouds, the sea. It's totally different than the work that I produce, but I enjoy it. It's almost David LaChapelle.

Georges van Wensveen
Surreal. Her use of color is absolutely stunning. I believe that many painters would be happy if they had such a color palette at their disposal. You know that it's not true and yet yout think: 'it's photoshopped'.

William Rutten